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(Raw) Taco Flax Crackers

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Raw crackers that are dehydrated for many hours at a very low temperature (under 115 degrees) keeping all the nutrients and enzymes in tact for optimal nutrition.

Organic golden flaxseeds, organic lime oil, organic, non-irradiated mild chili spices and raw pink Himalayan sea salt.


(Reg. $10)

Add some fresh avocado, tomato and raw cashew sour cream to make your own raw taco nacho bites!

Also great to eat alone as a crunchy, healthy chip/cracker alternative.  Dips great with guac and salsa!

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1 review for (Raw) Taco Flax Crackers

  1. Mae

    I like them with avocado slices and salsa! Filling and LOVE the new lime oil addition. Goodbye processed tortilla chips!!!

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