Food & Diet Support

What you eat & drink creates your blood.  Your blood either nourishes, or pollutes, the cells of your body.  

Your personal menu has everything to do with the state of your health.  

Food & Diet Support Sessions use a mix of Naturopathic Health Modalities and Menu Remediation to assess, address and counsel you to an improved diet and an upgrade in overall health.

You will be guided by an ND, Certified Detoxification Specialist and Certified Plant-Based Chef on how to pick and prepare the healthiest versions of the meals you desire.

What exactly does a Food & Diet Support Session do for me?

It helps you gently, yet effectively, transition your menu to one that builds your body up-instead of breaking it down-without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

It guides you through our proprietary Menu Remediation process in order to help you move away from the foods that are causing potential harm to your body, and toward the foods that will compliment your health & specific physical constitution.

What is Menu Remediation?

The process of taking undesirable or deficient food choices and transitioning them into more sufficient and healthier options; upgrading to a higher quality, more nutritious menu. 

Who needs Menu Remediation?

Anyone who wants to upgrade their diet to a healthier, more natural version.

How will I benefit from a Food & Diet Support Session?

Most of us recognize a need to revitalize our current food habits and build a menu that can actually improve health and empower us to achieve sustainable wellness.  Sometimes we fail to understand how the foods and beverages we are consuming daily are impacting, creating and maintaining our health problems.

Even so-called “healthy” foods are not always healthy.  It all depends on bio-individuality and that varies from person to person.  It can also change periodically.  What worked for you before may not work for you now.

We tend to eat the same foods, and drink the same beverages, on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, the foods we love can often weave a tangled web of dis-ease and affect our state of health.  

We may find ourselves nutritionally imbalanced nutritionally imbalanced when we lack a good variety of foods.  When we eat the same foods over and over we could be missing out on vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that our bodies need to function properly.  

The Food & Diet Support Sessions, plus our Menu Remediation process, is an effective way of doing a full menu overview and identifying areas that are in need of being improved, upgraded or phased out.

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