“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  We must explore a new path to obtain the information that we need to solve the problems.”

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Souly Natural is a Naturopathic Health Care Practice that you can access from the comfort of your own home.  We meet with you via video conference, or telephone, to assess and address all of your health issues and concerns using time-tested natural methods.  

Our mission is to help people improve health naturally by using herbal medicines, diet/lifestyle modifications, emotion/mood balance and other non-invasive modalities. We support your body to activate its own innate healing ability-without the use of drugs, knives or needles. 


Here are some ways we can help you improve your health naturally:

  • Interpreting what your body is communicating through its symptoms and emotions and prioritizing the areas of imbalance in order of importance. 

  • Locating and balancing the root issues that are contributing to your symptoms and health conditions.

  • Bringing the foundational aspects of your health back into balance while helping you overcome disturbances, stressors, pains and symptoms.

  • Using plant foods, plant medicines and natural modalities to support your body so it can regain balance and function properly. 

  • Developing a customized health plan and strategy that compliments your schedule, budget, ability and timeline.

  • Assessing and addressing you as a whole person (not just your symptoms) because every person has their own set of unique circumstances.

  • Empowering you to care for yourself properly and achieve sustainable health.

  • Making health care enjoyable…because health does not have to be scary or hard!

1.) Health is more than just the absence of physical symptoms… 
2.) Health is a by-product of your mindset, emotions, diet, lifestyle, moods, physical constitution, environment and spiritual state.
3.) We can help you get these areas back into balance with our natural, non-invasive naturopathic health process.
4.) We use plant medicines, plant foods and other natural modalities to support the body to help it regain proper functioning.
5.) “Seek and you shall find”  Mattithyahu 7:7  
Now that you have found the solution to your health & diet problems, before you go any further, ask yourself this important question-
6.)  “Are you ready to be well?”
If so, go ahead and schedule your first appointment.  If not, schedule one anyway and we will help you get ready to be well.

Natural Health Services

Organic, Vegan (Gluten-Free) Meals

“He who has ears, let him hear.”

Mattithyahu 13:9

“I stumbled upon SouLy Natural Kitchen and it has been an amazing blessing. I suffered from digestive issues that made it almost impossible to eat anything unless prepared especially for me. My struggle was trying to remain on a strict diet while balancing family and business responsibilities. SNK helped me to have food on hand to keep me from making poor diet choices. It also allowed my body to heal and gain various nutritional value that I had been missing. The dishes provided were all delicious and opened my eyes to many new flavors and food options.”

Alicia H.

Souly Natural

Organic, Vegan, Local, Gluten Free, Sugar Free Meal Delivery in Cincinnati, Ohio

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