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The Real Truth about Food-Processed, Chemicalized and Refined Foods

The Real Truth about Food:

Processed, Chemicalized and Refined Foods

Approximately 30 minutes in length, ( an average television show is about 22 minutes sans commercials) each powerhouse tele-class has the information you need to change your habits and mindset around food which equals changed health and wellness.

It is not tempting to pass up those packaged donuts or fast food buns when you know there is a chemical in them ( not listed in the ingredients) that is the same one used in making yoga mats. Yes, this is a fact.  This will be explained and covered in more detail, along with solutions and suggestions, in the first class, Processed, Chemicalized and Refined Foods.

You will listen for about 30 minutes to the real food news.

You will learn eye-opening invaluable information that is intended to set you free from processed foods, fast foods and sugar-laden cravings that are detrimental to your health and well being.  

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If you do not think you have it in your budget to educate yourself on how to be healthy and happy then look at what you have spent your money and time on this past week and there so lies the things you are truly giving value to…but are those foods and things building you and your health up?

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The Real Truth about Food Course (8), Processed, Chemicalized & Refined Foods, Sugar- The Acceptable Hard Drug, Organic Vs Non Organic- Does it even matter?, GMO- Whey they are so dangerous, Eggs/Dairy- Elimination/Responsible Consumption, Meat/Fish- Elimination/Responsible Consumption, Water- Poison in the Tap Water, Other Beverages- The Low Down on which ones are actually healthy


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