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Adrenal Lovin’ Soup


Are you exhausted?  Hormonal?  Blood Sugar Issues?

Feed your adrenals with some super soup (adrenals can become exhausted due to high intake of sugar, caffeine and/or stress).

This soup contains no beans, starches or starchy vegetables which can contribute to blood sugar spikes (great meal for those watching blood sugar levels).

Fresh, non-starchy organic vegetables-  organic asparagus, organic onion, organic red pepper, organic celery, organic garlic, organic broccoli, organic tomatoes, fresh organic LOCAL dark greens, and organic cabbage.  Simmered in organic vegetable stock and seasoned with fresh organic oregano & non-irradiated organic spices.

Approximate Sizing Information:

Individual serving=  1 serving

Large serving=  2-3 servings



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Individual (Pint), Large (Quart)


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