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Holistic Wellness Deluxe Package


Package Cost: $1495.00

This all-inclusive package includes everything you need to jump-start your healthy, holistic lifestyle!

Learn how to Shop, Prepare and Cook 100% Natural, Organic, Plant-Based (Vegan), Gluten and Sugar Free Meals, Sides and Desserts.

Find out what is lurking in your fridge and cabinets that may be sabotaging your health and wellness. Discover healthy and tasty natural alternatives to keep you healthy, happy and satisfied.

Learn how to protect yourself and your home from toxic chemicals, carcinogens and synthetic products that are not good for your overall health and wellness. Replace the everyday items you may not know
are playing a role in affecting your health adversely with more gentle, natural products that will serve you and your household in a more healthy, positive manner.

Get to the root of your issues- locate and pull out your “weeds”. Plant new seeds, learn how to water them and how to tend to your emotional garden so that it continues to blossom and grow. Gain knowledge and tools to help you keep up your “garden” through emotional maintenance techniques and the processing of feelings. Find out how certain thoughts and emotions bury themselves in your body and manifest in physical issues – especially holding onto excess weight. Change your thoughts and patterns, change your reality.



Holistic Wellness Deluxe Package


  • Initial Consultation/Assessment
  • Pantry/Fridge Evaluation and ReVamp
  • Home Naturalization
  • Healthy Shopping Grocery Tour
  • Natural, Non-Toxic Products Shopping Tour – Personal Care and Household Products
  • (3) 75 minute Root Issue/Emotional Resolution Sessions
  • Plant-Based Cooking Course OR 5 Prepared Dishes from SouLy Natural Kitchen


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