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Naturopathic Consultation  

Holistic health assessment including Nutritional Zone Testing, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) modalities, Bach flower emotional assessment and remedy plus digestive and general wellness assessments.  Gain understanding of how the body operates and what it needs to heal itself, as well as recommendations and a health protocol to regain balance in any areas needed.  *Please fill out the Client Information Form prior to the Naturopathic Consultation.  This enables you to get the most time, information and value from your appointment.

 Additional Services:

MRT (Muscle Response Testing):

Mini (Priority area):

MRT used to find the priority area of your body that needs support.  Recommendations included to help that area regain healthy balance.

Full  (All body systems):

MRT used to locate the body systems that may be stressed or imbalanced, in order of importance.  Recommendations are included for all areas found to need support.

Food Testing:

MRT used to test a comprehensive list of foods, drinks and spices.  This will allow you to see which foods may agree, or disagree, with your body.  

Comprehensive (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual):

MRT used to locate any DCA (Dis-ease Causing Agent) that could be troubling your body.  This testing covers it all-foods, toxins, heavy metals, spiritual issues, parasites, emotional issues, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Iris Analysis:  

Comprehensive summary report and recommendations based on the analysis of your iris type, subtype and the unique markings in your eyes.  You will become aware of potential disturbances/imbalances and how to prevent them.  You will also see any current disturbances and learn how to address them to regain healthy balance.  Iridology is preventative health care at its finest.

Magnet Therapy Emotional Release:

MRT and magnet therapy is used to help you identify trapped emotions that may be stuck in the body and are ready to be released.  Many times these stuck emotions are not only causing mental and emotional imbalances, but physical disturbances as well.

Bach Flowers:

Share your moods/emotions with a trained Bach Flower Practitioner during the session.  The practitioner will then select up to 7 flowers and create you a personalized flower remedy blend to help bring your emotional frequencies  and mood into balance.  The remedy is included as a gift with each session. 

Plant-Based Diet Program:

Certified Raw Food, Vegan Chef will help you understand how to shop and prepare healthy plant foods for the long haul.  Get the information needed to thrive & survive on a healthy, plant-based diet that fits your budget and ability level.  Learn about how the food you eat creates your blood, which therefore creates your state of health.

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Individual Natural Health/ Plant-Based Food Programs

Whatever your needs, SouLy Natural can develop a customized program for you.

Personalized meal plan suggestions, vegan cooking lessons, healthy grocery shopping education, elimination of dis-ease protocols, etc

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