Natural Health Services

Naturopathic Health Consultations

  • Appointment with a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor to assess and address your health problems and concerns naturally.

  • Gain advisement and counsel on any issues you want to discuss.

  • Recommendations to help you move forward toward better health.

Comprehensive Naturopathic Health Assessment

  • Whole Person Health Assessment (all internal and external health factors)

  • Iris Evaluation (inherent physical & emotional constitution; potential future issues)

  • Natural Health & Wellness Plan (addressing the root causes of your symptoms)

  • Acute, Chronic & Preventative Health Strategies (what to add/avoid to increase your health)

  • Package of (3) 90 minute appointments

Food for Health Counseling

  • Assessment of your current food intake and how it’s affecting your health.

  • Holistic evaluation to determine contributing factors to any food-related/diet problems.

  • Directions on how to improve your diet in order to upgrade your health naturally.

  • Custom food recommendations to help you move toward a menu that supports your specific condition and circumstances.

Herbal Medicine Consultation

  • Appointment with a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor to determine which herbs would be best suited to address your health concerns.

  • Specific herbal medicine recommendations to help you support the areas in need.

  • Herbal medicine guidance, direction and suggestions for better health.

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