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My son was experiencing pain in his jaw area for a few days. The only relief was taking pain pills. We took him to the dentist to see if there was something going on since it had been a few days. The dentist was lost on what it could be because he had no recent trauma and his mouth looked ok. I reached out to Souly Natural to get a Natural Path perspective. She quickly identified the issues and by the next morning he was no longer in pain. What a blessing!
Alicia H.

Naturopathic Health Appointments

  • Appointment with a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor to assess and address your health problems and concerns naturally.

  • Gain advisement and counsel on any issues you want to discuss.

  • Recommendations to help you move toward a better state of health.

I just wanted to let you know my medical doctor validated everything you’re doing.  My blood work was really good and my liver looked so good the doctor commented on it.  I told her I was taking Milk Thistle and she said she knew it was good for the liver.  She said my kidney numbers look amazing, too.  My abdomen wasn’t sore at all like it was last year.  She was impressed and really happy.  She said to keep doing what we’re doing and keep up the good work. It was really cool hearing her validate you and the work you do.
Karen S.

Food Support

  • Assessment of your current food intake and how it’s affecting your health.

  • Holistic evaluation to determine contributing factors to any food-related/diet problems.

  • Directions on how to improve your diet in order to upgrade your health naturally.

  • Custom food recommendations to help you move toward a menu that supports your specific condition and circumstances.

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Natural Health Services

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