Due to life circumstances we can get stuck in a low vibrational state, and when we take the correct flowers it can help us snap out of whatever may be disturbing our system.


Flower Remedy

Dr. Edward Bach realized that emotional healing is an essential component to physical healing.  This realization started his journey from allopathic surgeon to founder of flower essences that balance moods and emotions.

Flower Remedies are gentle, yet highly effective, tinctures that hold the frequencies of flowers.  They are safe enough for all living creatures, small and large.  Flower essences can be used individually, or combined, to balance a person’s mood(s), emotions and inherent personality traits.

Effective for children, adults and pets.


  • Session with a trained Bach Flower Practitioner (via telephone, text or email-your preference)

  • Talk about your frustrations, worries, stresses, annoyances, sadness, fears…

  • The Practitioner will select the flowers that will help balance your current emotional state.

  • A flower remedy bottle-formulated for your specific needs-is included (lasts 3-4 weeks).

  • Flower Remedies are non-toxic and do not have any effect on medications, and medications have no negative effect on them.

  • You can place them in your drink of choice, or place drops straight into your mouth (very mild to no taste at all).

  • Follow up session recommended after 3 weeks to re-assess your moods/emotions.  At this time you can update the Practitioner on how you are currently feeling and new flowers can be introduced to your next remedy bottle.


Initial Flower Remedy Session:


*personalized flower remedy bottle included (lasts 3-4 weeks)


Follow Up Flower Remedy Session(s):


*personalized flower remedy bottle included (lasts 3-4 weeks)

“Why is your face sad, since you are not sick?  This is none else but sorrow of the heart.”

Nehemyah 2:2


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