Absolutely believable…


Just another frustrating, yet totally believable day at a major local grocery store ( I quit saying unbelievable after so many years of seeing these crazy scenarios because it is absolutely believable that companies do these ridiculously uneducated and potentially harmful things).


I am pretty certain that this company actually teaches employees to bag the cleaners and chemicals separate from the food items….so why are they displaying the chemically laden laundry detergent next to the chemically laden cereal boxes?  Oh wait, lol, I just answered my own question.  


At first I was beside myself that this major grocery store would put the chemicals and food right next to each other, but the more I thought about it I realized this is actually a perfect pairing.   They are both filled with chemicals and preservatives so why not group them together?  Your blood is created by what you eat and absorb so these two products are the perfect 1-2 punch for toxic blood.  Grab them both and be on your way to a toxic body waste dump.



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